Pioneering the Digital Frontier

About Solidex LTD

In the buzzing, technologically-driven lanes of Tel-Aviv, a story of relentless innovation began in 2023. That story is Solidex LTD.

Our co-founders embarked on this venture backed by an arsenal of experience—seven profound years in the intricate realms of online marketing and affiliate systems.

More than just a tech company, Solidex represents the spirit of constant evolution. We don’t just keep pace with the rapidly advancing digital realm; we set the pace.

Our values

Adhere to the Highest Professional Standards:

Enhance our client's results substantially:

Craft a peerless atmosphere for outstanding individuals:

We seek wisdom
to elevate our performance.

Upcoming Conferences and Training Sessions on the Agenda for the Solidex LTD Team:

International Conference on Brokerage in the digital & marketing

International Conference on Software development

International Conference on Digital marketing/Affiliate Marketing

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