Ways your team can
utilize Solidex LTD.

Lead Disterbution Software

Marketing Consulting

Digital Asset Procurement

Affiliate Network Expansion

Ad Space Negotiation

Influencer Collaborations

Digital Market Analysis

Expand and quantify your
brand's influence with Solidex LTD.

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Applying innovations

We offer only modern and effective solutions for your requests.

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Resolving issues

Our end-to-end advisory helps you not lose customers, gain new ones, and always be up to date.

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Implementing action plans

Keep Solidex LTD consultancy at hand and manage the business productively.

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Applying innovations

With Solidex LTD services, your projects will function successfully considering business & marketing strategies growth.

Explore the difference

Software development

At Solidex LTD, our offerings extend beyond traditional software development. We cater to a wide array of software challenges that businesses confront in today’s intricate digital market.

Brokerage in the digital & marketing world

 At Solidex LTD, we have harnessed our expertise to provide bespoke brokerage services tailored for the digital and marketing realm.

Affiliate Marketing

At Solidex LTD, we’ve distilled our years of expertise into creating top-tier digital marketing and affiliate strategies, tailored precisely to your brand’s unique narrative and objectives.

What is a business strategy?

Business Strategy

How Solidex LTD crafts
corporate blueprints.

Phase 1   Who are we?

Phase 2   Where are we now?

Phase 3   Where do we want to go?

Phase 4   How will we know we’ve arrived?

Phase 5   How are we getting there?

How Solidex LTD constructs a
fresh marketing blueprint.

Blueprint for Marketing Success.

Grasp Clientele Insights

Dive Deep into Market Trends

Evaluate Competitive Landscape

Design Solidex's Unique Marketing Mix

Pinpoint Our Market Footprint

Assign Solidex's Promotional Budget

Deploy Our Strategic Roadmap.

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